Playwright max wu becomes first chinese american to RECEIVE

Using Mandarin Characters

“My writing is real, it’s what I feel,” Yu said. “When I hear language, I write it down as how I hear it. I’m not going to lie to the reader.”

The play maintains a sense of authenticity by incorporating untranslated Mandarin into the dialogue, he said. Lorna Ma, who plays Bonnie, said the inclusion of Mandarin reflects the linguistic dissonance that many Chinese Americans feel, as a language barrier often separates family members of different generations. But Ma said non-Asian Americans can also relate to the distance placed between their native tongue and the one being spoken on stage. 

“I think, as an audience, if you don’t understand Mandarin you feel the struggle that some Chinese Americans do,” Ma said. “It adds a perspective anyone can experience.”

Max Wu

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November 20th 2019

23% of Asian Americans in California are Struggling with Poverty


Interestingly, the survey also tackled the population’s faith in the American Dream. It turns out that 62% believe in the national ethos, which promises that “if you work hard, you’ll get ahead.”

However, 55% question the notion that “hard work and determination alone” guarantee success, with 64% of those working and struggling with poverty expressing disagreement. 

Meanwhile, 54% of those working but not struggling with poverty hold the same opinion.

“Recent AAPI immigrants come to California with an optimistic vision of achieving the American Dream,”

Calling on Asian Americans to demand environmental justice


Lower-income communities and communities of color have historically been at a higher risk of environmental hazards and disasters. However, there is a lack of racial diversity in non-profit organizations and government agencies working towards a better environment. 

Groups such as AAEJ and CAAEJ offer Asian Americans the opportunity to formulate actionable ideas in this regard and exert their voices in the decision-making processes.

Chu started the discussion by asking: “Why should Asian Americans care?” On the local level, she said poorer Asian Americans – like other disadvantaged groups in the US – have a higher level of exposure to toxic substances and criticized the model minority myth, which has created a false impression that all Asian Americans are financially well-off. 

Shooting deaths rattle small, tight-knit US Hmong community


The dead include Xy Lee, a Hmong singer and musician whose videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times. Also killed were Phia Vang, 31; Kou Xiong, 38; and Kalaxang Thao, 40, all of Fresno.

Three others remained hospitalized in serious condition, hospital officials said.

Fresno police say they formed an Asian gang taskforce and were worried about possible retaliatory violence leading up to the Hmong New Year’s celebration. But friends and family say the victims had no such ties and are sensitive to the shootings being dismissed as gang-related or promoting stereotypes.

“We don’t want this to be a stain on the people,” said Bobby Bliatout, 42, the child of Hmong refugees who is now campaigning for the seat of U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes.

More land going to organic farming in Southeast Asia


Coconut and coffee are the most produced organic products in the region. Specifically, the study draws attention to the fact that the Phillippines has the largest organic coconut area with nearly 150,000 hectares. Further, Indonesia grows the most organic coffee in Southeast Asia.

The Phillippines accounts for the largest amount of organic producers in the region as well. Ranked fifth globally for organic production, research attributes the adoption of organic methods to government mandates.

Furthermore, in Thailand, the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Communities (ISAC) was established to promote organic farming. Its target for production is to have 208,000 hectares of organically farmed land by 2021.

Ex-Worker at UK Consulate in Hong Kong says China Tortured him


“I deny the arbitrary accusations against me made by the authorities which were obtained through an illegal process, including using torture, threats and coercion,” Mr. Cheng, 29, said in his statement. 

“I speak out now because the case is relevant to the public interest on knowing the flawed judicial process in mainland China.”

The British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said he had summoned the Chinese ambassador in London to express outrage at what he called “the brutal and disgraceful treatment of Simon in violation of China’s international obligations.”

A closer look at fresnos hmong community


For Southeast Asian refugees who were fleeing violence and migrated with nothing, the climb was steeper for first-generation immigrants, which has made it tougher for their children to achieve higher levels of education.

Professor Ramakrishnan said he hoped the report would “get people to pay attention and to invest.”

Professor Vang, of the University of Wisconsin, said that for kids she grew up with, starting in a new country in poorer communities where they also dealt with hostility was difficult. 

And some young people may have joined or formed gangs.

November 14th 2019

Are Asian Americans People of Color?


And what we don’t see is how race is a concept that has always changed. It is dynamic, malleable, and only meaningful because we give it meaning. For instance, we now consider many European ethnic groups as white. But in the early 1900s, Irish, Italian, and Eastern European immigrants weren’t seen as, and inferior to, whites.

What we don’t see is how certain groups face higher rates of unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, and lack of social mobility, not because of their individual flaws, but because the systems and institutions are flawed. 

After all, if a country is founded upon genocide and slavery, and only sees white men as citizens (all others are asterisked into the process later), don’t groups who are “Other-ed” have a lot of catching up to do?

Asian Americans: Then and Now


Although minor reforms in immigration law, due to changing international relations, allowed for limited numbers of Asians to enter the United States following the World War II era, United States immigration laws remained discriminatory toward Asians until 1965 when, in response to the civil rights movement, non-restrictive annual quotas of 20,000 immigrants per country were established. 

For the first time in United States history, large numbers of Asians were able to come to the United States as families. In addition, due to the United States' eagerness for technology during the Cold War, foreign engineers and scientists were also encouraged to emigrate to the United States. The dramatic changes in the Asian Pacific American landscape during the past twenty years, particularly with the explosive growth of new Filipino, Korean, South Asian Indian, and Chinese populations have resulted from the liberalization of immigration laws in 1965.

Where does affirmative action leave asian americans? [ask me: i have a simple answer]


After Alex canceled our first agreed-upon date, I told him that in addition to writing for The New York Times Magazine, I was also writing a book, ran a small production company and had an 18-month-old daughter. And yet, despite these various jobs (as well as the fact that I wasn’t on summer vacation), I could meet him on any day and at any time for however long he pleased. 

My flexible schedule wasn’t a favor to him but simply a reflection of the life of a relatively productive adult.

“Well, that’s you,” Alex said, a bit scornfully.

We finally settled on a meeting in the financial district. Alex suggested a Dunkin’ Donuts exactly one door down from his internship office. When I arrived, I saw that it had no tables or booths, just three stools pushed up against the front window. I was hungry and slightly irritated, so I texted him and said I’d meet him at a Cuban lunch counter nearby. 

He walked through the front door a moment later — thin, with short-cropped hair, a neatly tucked button-up shirt and creaseless pants. He had a look of mild agitation about him, one that never really subsided. We shook hands.

Why I dropped out of an Ivy League School in 3 weeks


After being accepted into university, I put on a facade and submitted to the hype and excitement that others felt for me. Inside, however, the coming fall filled me with a sense of dread because I knew deep down that I was only following the path designated to me through expectations. I was following the promise of fortune and success as defined by my parents. Although I wasn’t sure what my own path and dreams were, I knew I would never find out if I kept following somebody else’s.

It seems like we have become so desensitized as a society that the depression and exhaustion that students face is treated as something that is completely normal. As the college application process becomes increasingly competitive, parents place more pressure on their children to work harder with the goal of getting into an elite school.

Muslim Survivors of Domestic Violence


It is a challenge for domestic violence victims to seek help, regardless of their ethnicity or religious background. Shame and fear are powerful silencers. But Muslim women like Naas’ mother face distinct and arduous obstacles, according to a HuffPost investigation. HuffPost spoke to more than a dozen survivors from Muslim backgrounds, as well as staffers from multiple faith-based agencies catering to the American Muslim community.

A number of victims said they were distrustful of U.S. state and federal agencies due to past experiences of discrimination. When they did decide to seek help, HuffPost found, they often contended with Islamophobic stereotypes, sometimes voiced by the very people tasked with keeping them safe. Many who turned to religious leaders for support said they encountered unprepared imams with little to no training on the dynamics of domestic abuse. Almost all of the women interviewed said they struggled with the cultural stigma of divorce. 

Filipino American Historian traces the history of Philippine nurses


It all began with American colonialism, Capucao said.

At the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898, Spain ceded the Philippines, which had been its colony since the 1500s, to the United States. It would remain a US territory until its independence nearly five decades later.

Soon after gaining control of the Philippines, the Americans started introducing their own models of education – including for nursing.

“Health care in general at that time symbolised modernity. So the ‘American dream’ was instilled in the Filipino people, from the early 1900s,” Capucao said. “And it really lives on. They transform[ed] the Philippine culture at that moment.”

Nursing was a tool used for social mobility. In the early days, both men and women went into the field, “but since it [was] an American model, they pushed out men from nursing”, Capucao said.

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Vietnam: postcards from a Poisoned coast


Poor job prospects, encouragement by authorities, smuggling gangs, environmental disaster and government pressure on Catholics are all local factors behind the wave of migrants. 

“Almost everyone round here has a relative overseas,” said Bui Thac, whose nephew Bui Phan Thang is feared to be among the container dead. 

“Almost all households have someone going abroad. Old people stay but young people must find ways to work abroad because it’s difficult to work at home”. 

Driver of truck with vietnamese appears in court


The suspected victims hail from Vietnam’s northern rice-growing areas of Nghe An and Ha Tinh, two of the communist-ruled nation’s poorest provinces. Some families prayed their loved ones would still be found safe and sound.

“If I could travel back in time, I wouldn’t have let him go this way,” Hoang Thi Ai, mother of Hoang Van Tiep, 18, who is feared among the dead, told Reuters. “I clean his room every day with the hope that he wasn’t in that deadly truck.”

Police have said very few of the victims were carrying official identification and that they hope to identify the dead through fingerprints, dental records and DNA, as well as photographs from friends and relatives.

Trump: Phase One ahead of schedule


Leaders of the world’s two biggest economies are working to agree on the text for a “Phase 1” trade agreement announced by Trump on Oct. 11. Trump has said he hopes to sign the deal with China’s President Xi Jinping next month at a summit in Chile. 

Trump on Monday said the signing was planned for the summit but made a reference to recent political unrest in Chile and said he believed they could work things out.

New yorks chinatown gathered to pay respect to homeless man


Those who attended the service mourned Kwok and swapped memories about their interactions with him. Niou said that some told stories about him from their childhoods while others recounted times they dropped off food for him.

“Folks like me remembered him from seeing him in the same spot and giving him food or water. He never really spoke much, but he was very sweet. He would always give a little bow or small nod and say a little thank you,” Niou said. “People had expressed that they had seen him, and it was very difficult to process that someone they saw every day was not going to be there anymore.”

For the houston rockets - asian americans in houston feel the nba‘s feud with china is personal


Of course, many Rockets fans with close ties to mainland China have a different perspective, though some said they avoid speaking publicly on contentious subjects. One fan told a reporter before the game that he sympathized with China’s outrage over Morey’s tweet — Hong Kong, he said, is a Chinese territory, which China should be able to govern as it sees fit — but he believed the government had overreacted in this instance. He’s hoping everyone moves on.

For others, that won’t be easy. Jonathan Mok, 35, was a Rockets fan even before Yao joined, but his appreciation for the team grew in the years after that, and even more so after the team signed Jeremy Lin, the NBA’s first American player of Taiwanese descent. Mok watched Thursday's game at his home in Sugar Land, a booming, diverse suburban city southwest of Houston.

fighting drug addiction in asian american communities


“Cultural stigma and shame and the lack of knowledge exacerbates the hidden nature of mental health,” said Diane Ujiiye, an activist and former substance abuse counselor. “So if you don’t access psychotherapy or counseling, certain kinds of medication —  and I’m not a proponent to medicate quickly — then you’re going to seek other ways to cope, to numb the pain, to escape and to function.”

This erasure largely stems from the way data on substance abuse has been historically gathered to begin with. In fact, Asian Americans weren’t a category of data collection for various state agencies until the 1990s, Ujiiye said.

“If you don’t have the data, you don’t have the basis to advocate for federal, state, county funds for treatment services, so there’s the cycle,” she said. “No data, no services — ergo, no data, no services.”

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Hong kong pro-democracy protesters


In 1997 Hong Kong was allowed to retain extensive freedoms not enjoyed in mainland China under a “one country, two systems” formula, including an independent judiciary and right to protest. 

But many Hong Kong residents are angry at what they see as a relentless march toward mainland control. 

“I come because I think Catalonia needs support, just like Hong Kong,” said Jason Chan, 22, a clerk. “Pursuing democracy is a universal value.” 

Asian americans groups oppose cambodian refugee DEPORTATIONS


A  nationwide class action lawsuit challenging immigration raids on the Cambodian community is also pending in a California federal court. A temporary restraining order issued earlier this year in that case requires ICE to give written notice at least two weeks before detaining Cambodian refugees.

Nourn says sending refugees back to Cambodia now only sets them up for failure. Many have little connection to the country, let alone the language and other skills needed to navigate the unfamiliar environment.

Last year, 27-year-old Sophorn San , who had lived most of his life in Rhode Island after he family fled Cambodia in the 1990s, was deported after pleading guilty to a gun charge as a teen. He was struck and killed by a truck in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh only a few months later.

Farewell to the controversial hypen


For years, it went back and forth. Some used the hyphen, some didn’t . It became clear that usage of the unhyphenated American was gaining in popularity, particularly among progressive organizations.

However, in the world of journalism, editors who go strictly “by the book,” and eager to demonstrate the neutrality of “good” journalism, made sure that to put uppity young journalists of color — the group most likely to leave out the hyphen — in their place by making sure to add that damn hyphen. It was as if by insisting on the hyphen it was putting the journalists of color in their place.

Much in the same way the styleguide moved away from the word “Negro” to today’s description of African Americans or Blacks, the AP followed popular usage and dropped the hyphen. 

Harvard affirmative action decision


Uplifting Asian Americans does not mean dismantling affirmative action, a long-standing, constitutionally backed policy that advances important goals of educational diversity and societal reparations. These goals benefit everyone, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Asian Americans.

Asian Americans should keep defending affirmative action against “attrition warfare,” a phrase used by advocates to describe the persistent lawsuits challenging affirmative action over the  past  four  decades.  

Mountain skeleton may a man from Japanese interment camp


A hiker unfamiliar with Matsumura's story was the one who found the bones that could end up solving the mystery. And if it does, Matsumura will have the rare distinction of having been lost once and found twice.

Matsumura was among about 10,000 internees who ended up in Manzanar, a former farming town in the Owens Valley 185 miles (298 kilometers) north of Los Angeles. 

That area of the sagebrush-dotted high desert, blazing hot in summer and frigid in winter, is flanked by arid peaks to the east and the seemingly impenetrable wall of the high Sierra to the west.

Trumps hard-line immigration rule


Roughly 70 percent to 80 percent of Asian immigrants come to the U.S. through family-based immigration, which means they would be scrutinized under the Trump administration rule. Of the more than 420,000 green cards that were granted to Asian immigrants in Fiscal Year 2017, almost 40 percent were given to immediate family members, while more than 20 percent were given to family-sponsored waiting list registrants.

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US Diplomat: Kashmir Human rights


The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific and Nonproliferation is meeting Tuesday on human rights in South Asia. The subcommittee’s chairman, Rep. Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, has said the focus will be on Kashmir, where life has been disrupted for nearly 8 million people.

She kept complaining that she was losing her eyesight...


The idea of physical reactions to psychological problems is not new, said Miwa Yasui, an associate professor at the University of Chicago who studies mental illness in ethnic minorities. “For anxiety, we think of racing heartbeat and sweaty palms.”

But it can be more pronounced in some cultures, where expression of emotion is discouraged. “Especially for East Asian cultures,” she said, “there’s a tendency to tone down talk about feelings — negative or positive.”

China issues a stinging rebuke of US


“No one and no force will be able to stop the course” of China’s annexation of Taiwan, Feng said in an opening address to the forum, whose catchphrase this year is “Maintaining International Order and Promoting Peace in the Asia-Pacific.”

China “will never allow the separatists for Taiwan independence to take their chances or any external forces to interfere into the Taiwan affairs. Reunification of the motherland is a justified course and separatist activities are doomed to failure,” Wei said.

AFraid we will become the next xinjiang


Descendants of Arab traders who entered China some 1,500 years ago, the Hui pride themselves on having thoroughly assimilated into Chinese society. Unlike the Uighurs, the Hui have no distinct language, speaking Mandarin and often some Arabic. Save for the occasional white cap customarily worn by Hui men or hair coverings among women, they are often visually indistinguishable from China's ethnic majority, the Han.

Their exemption from the harshest of religious restrictions changed in April 2018, when the Chinese Communist Party's United Front Work Department formally took control of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs — meaning that the party now directly oversees policy for religious affairs, not the government.

Japan prime MINSTER warns Of prolonged affects of ...


The country's infrastructure ministry said embankment collapses affecting 47 rivers in 66 locations had been confirmed as of Tuesday, but officials said they still don't have a complete picture of the damage.

About 34,000 homes were without electricity and 110,000 were without running water, the government said. More than 30,000 people were still in shelters as of late Monday.

As NHK reported, "many places received up to 40 percent of their annual rainfall in just two days." In hard-hit Nagano, on the main island of Honshu, rainfall hit a record of 134.5 millimeters (5.3 inches) in a 24-hour period.

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Hertel says that farmers might stop planting palm oil, but they might keep cutting down forests to plant other commodities, like soy or rice. "If you focus on certifying one crop, they switch to another crop. The incentive for deforestation will still be there," Hertel says. 

That's where damar comes in. Back in Krui, farmer Kamas Usman says he grows damar in something called an agroforest. It may look like a regular forest, but it's actually an intricately planned farm.