Black americans and diaspora

Kenny Stills: Keep Fighting


“Being in Louisiana, and going to juvenile detention centers—they’re basically little-person prisons. It blows your mind to see 11, 12, 13-year-old kids in a prison-like environment. Like, we’re giving up on them already. 

It’s frustrating to think a young person makes a mistake, a real critical mistake, and for the rest of their life, they’re supposed to spend it behind bars … We need to do a better job at rehab and re-enter. We just can’t lock people up and leave them in there and expect them to change.

Trump: My African American


Well, I have always wondered who this person was.  I will keep my opinions to myself in this piece, but here's his story:

Now, the 62-year-old real estate broker, who supported the Republican approach to the economy, said he sees the party as pursuing a “pro-white” agenda and using black people like him as “political pawns.” 

The final straw for Cheadle came when he watched many Republicans defend Trump’s tweets telling four congresswomen of color, who are all American citizens, to go back to their countries, as well as defend the president’s attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and his comments that Cummings’ hometown of Baltimore is “infested.”

Tyler Perry christens new studio with help of Oprah, others


“I remember when he was thinking about buying this place and I said ‘You’d be crazy not to take it.’” she added.

Samuel L. Jackson pointed to Perry’s vision as the key to his ascent.

“This is more about Tyler the entrepreneur. The visionary. A guy who understands that ownership means that you can do what you want,” Jackson said as he paused along the red carpet.

Tyler Perry Studios has 12 soundstages, each named after seminal black actors and actresses.

Yonus Yeshanew's criticism


Yeshanew’s criticism of Ethiopian’s maintenance practices, backed by three other former employees who spoke to AP, makes him the latest voice urging investigators to take a closer look at potential human factors in the Max saga and not just focus on Boeing’s faulty anti-stall system, which has been blamed in two crashes in four months.

It’s not a coincidence, he said, that Ethiopian saw one of its Max planes go down when many other airlines that fly the plane suffered no such tragedy.

Rediscovering the Art of Ben Enwonwu


Mr. Enwonwu was being rediscovered as an artist, and his pieces were being spotted in private collections around the world.

“These works are coming out of the woodwork,” she said.

Mr. Enwonwu (who died in 1994 at 77) was, for much of his life, one of Africa’s most famous artists. He was originally trained as a sculptor.

More Latinas Are Choosing to Identify as Afro-Latina


There are millions of Afro-Latin people around the world, from Honduras to Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic, who have hundreds of combinations of skin colors and hair textures. But for many, the unifying experience comes from their visible Blackness. 

While some believe identifying as Afro-Latino is a personal choice, others argue it has more to do with a person's physical traits—skin color and hair texture, for instance. Black Latinos lack the privilege that lighter-skinned Latinos have, with an experience that's more akin to the racism and struggles of African-Americans..


UN Child Sex Ring

The men who came from a far-away place and spoke a strange language offered the Haitian children cookies and other snacks. Sometimes they gave them a few dollars. But the price was high: The Sri Lankan peacekeepers wanted sex from girls and boys as young as 12.

We have to do something....

Legally, the U.N. is in a bind. It has no jurisdiction over peacekeepers, leaving punishment to the countries that contribute the troops.

Minorities: Legal Cannabis

Minorities - Smoking

You  would  think  that  minorities  would  be  the  first  to  benefit  from  the  legalization  of  cannabis.    Thats  not  the  case  though.

 While marijuana arrests have declined and tax revenue has begun to flow in most states that have legalized pot, the gains have accrued most heavily to white residents, even though black  Americans  paid  the  biggest  price  in  the  drug  war.  

After the Guilty Verdict: Murder of Botham Jean

Amber Guyger killed Botham Jean

Jean and her daughter were largely composed as they addressed the jury, describing how losing Botham had upended their lives.

"My life has not been the same," Allison Jean told the jury that will sentence Guyger. "It's just been like a roller coaster."

Life After Slavery

Black History

For African Americans in the South, life after slavery was a world transformed. Gone were the brutalities and indignities of slave life, the whippings and sexual assaults, the selling and forcible relocation of family members, the denial of education, wages, legal marriage, homeownership, and more. African Americans celebrated their newfound freedom both privately and in public jubilees.

Trump said, “What do you have to lose “

Trump - Saying what do Black folks have to lose...

Trumps  Justice Department has stopped going after police departments that discriminated against African Americans.

He has rolled back environmental protections. Beyond policy, he has used rhetoric that suggests the citizenship of African Americans and other minorities is conditional and less than that of white Americans.

1919 - Hundreds unfortunately....


This  has  not  been  in  many  American  history  books.

I  beg  you  to  read:

“The people who were the icons of the civil rights movement were raised by the people who survived Red Summer,” said Saje Mathieu, a history professor at the University of Minnesota.

Colombia’s Music Festival

Colombia - Blackness!

Over the past 23 years, the festival has become one of Colombia's largest cultural events. For Afro-Colombians, it has opened a local economy and a space where they can celebrate their culture. And according to Michael Birenbaum Quintero, it's "one of the places where Colombia started to reckon with its own blackness, and with the importance of black culture."

Trial in Dallas

Botham Jean

This  is  another  episode  of  Black  Lives  don’t Matter  (according to  Amber  Guyger)  I guess.  

Voting in Trumps America

Trump - Being Trump

It‘s  amazing  that  Donald  Trump  is  doing  everything  he  can  t o  make  the  Black  vote  insignificant.  But  the  key  is  that    a  few  black  people  will  vote  for  him  anyway.    Either  no  pride  or  better  yet,  they  want  to  prove  their  worthy  to  white  folks.

Stacy Abrams is ON-IT

Stacy Abrams

The  winner  is  Stacy  Abrams.    She  is  amazing,  but  was  under  the  radar  (for  me  at  least).  She  has  had   a big  year,  including her  loss  to  the  governor (by  him  being  the  secretary  of  state)  he  oversaw  elections.    And  now  her  starting  Fair  Fight  2020.    She  is  by  far  the  winner!  

The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project

Perry Wallce

Perry Wallace

Black Americans and Diaspora

Janet Emerson

BLM - Black Live Matter

Not Including Us ...Yet (but we are trying)

It's always been a struggle to be included and heard but we are always trying , by whatever means necessary.  This has been the case since the first woman and man arrived in before this was a country.


This is a true testament to the movement.  Black Lives are not something that has no value at all.   Black Lives are as valuable as anyone else's life is,  but our lives has never been treated this way.  In fact, our lives are treated in some ways less than (I  guess )  the  family dogs life.

The Diaspora

The  African  people  all  over  the  world  who  have  become,  Afro-European,  Afro-Americas,  Afro-LatinX,  etc.  

History That May Not Have Made It To Everybody's History Books

There is a lot of history on the  basics of the Black Americans stay here in the United States.  However many of these stories, if you will, are almost passe (according to what is fashionable) in these very strange times.  

The History of African Americans (Click)
The History of African Americans (Click)