Climate change

Extinction Rebellion: Are Doing Something!


The group says its key demands for this protest are for the government to declare a climate and ecological emergency, halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2025 and to "create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens' Assembly on climate and ecological justice."

Climate Activates blocks roads...


In Berlin on Monday, around 1,000 people blocked the Grosser Stern, a traffic circle in the middle of the German capital’s Tiergarten park dominated by the landmark Victory Column. That protest began before dawn. Another 300 people blocked Berlin’s central Potsdamer Platz, placing couches, tables, chairs and flowerpots on the road.

Minnesota legislature considers "Clean Energy Act"


Sen. David Senjem, a Rochester Republican who sponsored a Senate version of Clean Energy First, said his bill would help make Minnesota a “national leader” in driving clean energy production and innovation. “We know it’s the future,” Senjem said of clean power. “We know it’s literally the cheapest option and we know politically and attitudinally, people prefer clean energy over dirty energy.”

Soaring eagle films crumbling Alpine glaciers as Earth warms


“Humanity has two dreams: to swim with dolphins and fly with eagles,” French falconer and Freedom Conservation founder Jacques-Olivier Travers said. “This is the first time that we’ll really ride on an eagle’s back over such distances and such vistas, and see how he flies.”

“How can you convince people to protect the birds and their environment if you never show them what the birds see?” he added.

Hawaii Study...


The study is intended to prioritize areas in need of protection from coastal erosion. The modeling and analysis assist the transportation department with a strategy to maintain connectivity of current roadways, said Deputy Director for Highways Ed Sniffen.

The university report recommends actions such as relocating, elevating or hardening that will be analyzed by the department and presented to community members. Transportation officials anticipate a timeline for analysis of about two years, Sniffen said.

Air Quality App in Vietnam


Air pollution in Hanoi and other major cities in Vietnam has hit its worst-ever levels, with the government’s Environment Administration last week warning people to limit outdoor activities. 

Pollution could become a key political issue in the Southeast Asian country, where protests have been held against the degradation of the environment. 

Climate Change: Powerful Speech


Jason Momoa said “The oceans are in a state of emergency”, he warned. “Entire marine ecosystems are vanishing with the warming of the seas, and as the waste of our world empties into our waters, we face the devastating crisis of plastic pollution.

“We are a disease that is infecting our planet.”

Pilot Whales


Whales are highly social and travel in pods.

"They are highly cohesive animals, and when one is sick or ill, others may stay close by, even if it means coming to shore and becoming sick, debilitated or stranded themselves," the state DNR says.

Earths Oceans and Ice


The Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC) presents the latest evidence of climate change that is already underway and is an urgent wake-up call "telling us that we're on thin ice and running out of time to act," said Bruce Stein, chief scientist for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Climate: The State of ...


The northern New England states are home to thousands of moose, but the herd has dwindled in the last decade, in part because of the winter ticks.

The State of the Earth


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Public opinion on these critical, complex and controversial issues? As is often the case with Americans' views on important and highly visible topics, the picture is quite complex, although I think the data show strong public agreement on several environmental specifics.