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Kobe Bryant And Daughter Gianna Killed In Helicopter Crash


After his retirement in 2016, Bryant spent much of this time working at his production company, Granity Studios. The operation has put out young adult books, a podcast and created the Oscar-winning animated short, Dear Basketball.

He was married to Vanessa Bryant — the two were parents to four daughters.

Dr. Jean-Jaqcues Muyembe: The Doctor Discovered Ebola (Never got credit...until now)


By morning, as the people of Yambuku heard Muyembe had been sent by the central government in Kinshasa, they started lining up at the hospital hoping he had medicine for them.

"I started to make physical exam," he says. "But at that time we had no gloves in the whole hospital."

And, of course, he had to draw blood, but when he removed the syringes, the puncture would gush blood.

"It was the first time for me to see this phenomenon," he says. "And also my fingers were soiled with blood."

Muyembe says he washed his hands, but it was really luck that kept him from contracting an infection. He knew immediately this was something he'd never seen before. Some of the Belgian nuns in the village had been vaccinated against yellow fever and typhoid, but this disease was different. It was killing people fast. When he took liver samples with a long needle, the same thing would happen — blood would continue to gush.

He persuaded one of the nuns who had the disease to fly with him to Kinshasa. He took blood samples before she died and sent them to Belgium, where they had an electron microscope to try to identify the culprit. Scientists there and in the United States saw this was a new virus that caused hemorrhagic fever.

They named it Ebola, after a river near the village.