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How has gavin newsom done in expanding homeless services


The spending plan includes $1 billion for homelessness, an historic amount according to the governor and advocates for homeless people. It includes $650 million in one-time funds to build and expand "emergency shelters and navigation centers, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, job programs, and for innovative projects like hotel/motel conversions," according to the state’s budget  summary.  

Seattles homeless


Still, the data showed the majority of unsheltered individuals did not go to the shelters to which they were referred. The Navigation Team, a group of outreach workers and Seattle Police Department personnel, is tasked with connecting unsheltered individuals with shelter and services and cleaning up homeless encampments. A shelter referral could be the result of multiple contacts and relationship building with individuals experiencing homelessness.

Atlanta raises $50 Million to curb homeless


HomeFirst is a partnership between the City of Atlanta, acting through Invest Atlanta, and the United Way Regional Commission on Homelessness (RCOH). This $50 million initiative is committed to achieving its goals by investing in proven housing strategies and supportive services. Partners For HOME is the primary project staff, while RCOH provides secondary support.

This is b*llshit: Little Rock, arkansas


This is  bullshit.    I’m  not  surprised  it is  from  a  pastor.    I  may  be  wrong  but  I  doubt it:

Paul Atkins, a pastor with Canvas Community Church which organizes Bridge to Work, describes the program as “day's work for a day's pay and access to resources that will help them get to the next step to create the life that they want.”

This is a shame: shelter not allowing transgender


In  another  non-religious moment,  in  Anchorage:

The injunction showed the city it was unlikely to succeed in further litigation, Anchorage Municipal Attorney Becky Windt Pearson said. The consent decree filed Monday treats the shelter as a private accommodation, which means the public protection law does not apply to it, she said.

Austin: trying to do something positive, although its not popular with trump voters


In August, I spoke to one of Staley’s customers just down the street from Royal Blue. Catherine Fako was sitting in the shade with her dog, Princess. Fako, 33, is a big fan of the store’s banana bread pudding. She’s been homeless off and on since she was 16 and has lived in Austin since 2012. The change in the ordinances, she said, has produced an almost revolutionary improvement in her quality of life. “I can sleep without getting woken up by the police every five minutes. I actually get a good night’s sleep now,” she said. “I don’t get assaulted as much when I sleep anymore, because I don’t have to hide to sleep . . . somewhere in a dark alley.”


Suspect held in Fatal Bludgeoning


Randy Rodriguez Santos was taken into police custody early Saturday. Police say he has been arrested at least a half-dozen other times in the past two years, three times on assault charges.

Santos was escorted out of a police station late Saturday by two police officers and put in a car. Detectives at the scene told journalists he was being taken to a hospital for the gathering of DNA evidence.

San Francisco residents ...


The boulders went up in an alley off Market Street, one of San Francisco’s major thoroughfares. They stopped people from putting up tents for a couple of weeks, until homeless advocates learned about them and rolled some into the street.

The city stepped in because they posed a safety hazard, hoisting the giant rocks back onto the sidewalk. But the activists returned, pushing them onto the street again.

Expand Homeless Shelters


Our look at Newsom's actions comes as Californians are growing more concerned over the homeless crisis. A Public Policy Institute of California survey released this week found 15 percent cited homelessness as the state's biggest problem, tied with the economy for top problems overall. 

We examined the budget Newsom approved in June, as well as a package of 13 homelessness bills he signed last week, many of which are designed to speed up shelter construction. 

Abbotts Vow...


The Republican governor sent Austin Mayor Steve Adler a letter Wednesday expressing concern that the city’s decision in June to largely rescind prohibitions on panhandling and sitting or sleeping in public has led to encampments by roadways and the accumulation of feces and used needles for drug use. After the decision, Abbott posted on Twitter that the move “will be yet another local ordinance the State of Texas will override.”

A new $30M Housing Project


Known as Webster Green, the facility will connect residents to services including job training and health care intended to help them avoid becoming homeless. Disabled adult residents will be able to access supportive services that help them live independently.

Losing ones family ...


Ten years later, Adler visited his uncle’s grave in Santa Cruz, California, with his father and realized the gravesite didn’t convey the animated man he had known. “And yet, I’m going to go back in the car, pull out my smartphone and see status updates from every acquaintance I’ve ever met,” he said.

He started thinking about ways to ensure that people who spend part of their lives homeless wouldn’t be forgotten.

Trump Administration

Need Help - Homeless

Newsom and other Democratic elected officials - including the mayors of California’s largest cities - wrote to President Donald Trump this week asking for more federal funds to expand programs to provide stable living environments for the homeless.

Los Angeles- Homeless

California Tent - Homeless

Within the Los Angeles city limits alone, the increase was 16 percent, to more than 36,000 people. Overall, about three-quarters of homeless residents are living completely outside, without adequate sanitation, sparking fears of a public-health crisis and the spread of medieval diseases.

Trump Believes...

Trump - Homeless

“It’s a phenomena that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful,”   Trump  in  an  interview....“We’re looking at it very seriously because you can’t do that.”

Trump says his EPA...

Trump - Descending

Trump said there is "tremendous pollution" going into the ocean from the city "including needles."

Continuum of Care

Help Please - Homeless

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Assistance Program assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness by helping homeless individuals and families move into transitional and permanent housing.

Back on My Feet

Back on My Feet - Homeless

No matter our circumstances, Back on My Feet shows that something as seemingly simple as running can strengthen individuals, build communities and transform lives.


Homeless and Hungry

We have a duty to help the Homeless when ever we can, don't we?

Homeless Food (Local)

Homeless people eating a good meal.

In the San Francisco area, these are the places that are available for food.  Maybe they take volunteers?

Various Causes to Homelessness

Family abuse - homeless

There are many reasons for homelessness, whether  its from domestic abuse, loss of steady work (in some cases there are homeless people with a full-time job), or other reason.  I have found that the substance abuse issues don't (necessarily happen before) someone is affected by homelessness. 

What happened?

Need work - Homeless

How did we get here?


Nurse helping the homeless

This is one clinic in Pittsburgh that seems to be somewhere that anybody (especially  the homeless) can go to in that city to deal with substance abuse, and health in general.

Trump and the Homeless

Fred and Donald Trump

It is amazing, but it appears that President Trump, once had a good idea about how to address homelessness.  But this was back in 1987.  Now he instead uses "the fear" of homelessness  like a weapon against them.

Veterans homelessness

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Why Do Veterans Become Homeless


At present, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans there are 11% is comprised of veterans.   With that with that, a substantial part of these simply don't have the means to get training, schooling, and counseling about how to transition back into civilian life.

No Matter Where - There’s Homlessness

This is a problem ,  but of  course  not  a  new   one  at  all.    Unfortunately  it is  growing  more  and  more  everyday,  and  more  and  more  working  families  are  affected as  well.    There  are  some  good  resources  in  place  to  offset  and  help people  with  the  loss  of  a  home  (or  homelessness  in  general )  but  not  nearly  enough.    So  with  that  I  think  that  it  time  to  devote  some  thought  to  these  existing solutions  and  come  up  with  a    means to  expand them  tremendously.    

Homelessness is in every city, no matter where.  President Trump may be exacerbating the issue.
Homelessness is in every city, no matter where. President Trump may be exacerbating the issue.

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