Native Americans


It  is  a  day  that  should  actually  more  than  a  day.    People need  to  learn  more  and  more  about  the  natives  of  this  land.    

What would it look like if America honored treaties to Native Americans?


While people in a single community will provide a range of perspectives — much less in all 573 federally recognized tribes — more often than not, a version of one answer always comes up about what the US needs to do: honor the treaties.

Elizabeth Warren pushes tribal plan...


The  proposal released ahead of a presidential forum on the topic in Iowa on Monday, comes as Warren has risen in the polls and as President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on the Massachusetts senator and her past claims of Native American heritage.

Native Americans: Politics


Mark  Charles  is  a  Native  American.    He   says  that  “Native American people living on reservations, Charles says, have always been overlooked by politicians. The territory of the Navajo Nation covers 27,000 square miles alone – enough to make it the 48th largest state in the US. Despite that, Charles says, the territory of 350,000 people is rarely visited by politicians running for president.”

Workplace: Pay Gap


This year, Native American Equal Pay Day lands on Sept. 23, a day that shows how much longer Native women must work before they earn the same amount their white male counterparts did the previous year.



Dad arrived in California as a child due to the assimilation policies enacted by the US government in the 1950s, which forcefully  relocated Native Americans from their land into urban areas to become “productive” members of society.

This land was originally there's ...

It's true.  Why can't there be a fund each month to pay for school, and the basics of life for these people.  A tax that is measured on a persons wealth that will always contribute to the welfare of the original people of this land.

It was true, this land is rightfully there's.  So why can't people realize it?
It was true, this land is rightfully there's. So why can't people realize it?