southern border and Immigration

New Documentary on Immigrants


There is a new documentary called immigration into the heartland.  It's funded by the U.S. bishop's Catholic Communication Campaign.

Wilson Center


Integration is a natural and necessary component of (especially) a democracy.  Though is not a smooth process, it is valid and seemingly a fluid way to the whole nation improving.



We having an immigration boom into America, the fourth one since the country began (other than slavery).   But Amy Wax said  in the "national conservatism" isn  D.C., that the only immigrants noted to be from "Europe and the First World".

Migrant Integration


Integration cuts across different policies and various aspects of migrants’ lives and therefore data on migrant integration cover a wide range of information, including whether migrants are integrating into the economic, social, cultural, and political spheres of society, the discrimination they face, how policies affect migrants’ inclusion, and how the public perceives migrants and immigration.

Economics of Migration


While an immigrant may “take” one job from an American worker directly, they may also “create” one job for American workers. Similarly, wages for American workers might rise or fall. So the only way to find out what immigration does to jobs and wages is to look at the data.



The House has put off the border wall fight until November.  That would set up a final showdown around Thanksgiving, which will be Trump’s last chance to deliver on his wall promise before peak campaign season.



For  the  most  part , its largely families who are  coming  to the Southern Border in this country.  They are coming to  escape  the  horrors  that  they  live  with  each  day  in  their countries.    This is more true for families who  are  coming  from  El  Salvador,  Guatemala,  and  Honduras.    Now, this  is  not  a  perfect  country  but  it  had  a beating heart.  Unfortunately this  administration, it appears has no heart.

What most Americans want: (1)  A full blown immigration plan (2)   A plan to let these asylum seekers some form of justice, human justice. (3) Lastly, aid to their countries of origin to make them livable. 

This is what most of the people of this country want.


The president’s threat to cut off aid to Central America continues to distract from the real crisis taking place.

President Trump recently announced that he wants to cut all foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Slashing foreign aid is the absolute last thing the Trump administration should do right now. Not only is it morally wrong, it also counters efforts to address the root causes behind migration. 



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